Monday, August 10, 2009

Why Hydrogen?

A lot of people ask me why would you ever use a a hydrogen fuel cell? Why not just use a battery?

Nissan's EV announcement
The car manufacturer said that unlike existing two-seater electric vehicles, the medium-sized hatchback would seat five adults, with a top speed of about 90mph and a range of more than 100 miles between recharges. Nissan said the Leaf's lithium-ion battery would recharge fully in eight hours using a conventional power socket.

Toyota's FCV announcement
The Toyota Highlander Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle – Advanced (FCHV-adv) achieved an estimated range of 431 miles on a single full tank of compressed hydrogen gas, and an average fuel economy of 68.3 miles/kg (approximate mpg equivalent) during a day-long trip down the southern California coast.